My bells are ringing about his mother. Of course, we'll never know but what else did she do to her son?

And what about his wife and children?

Were the majority of his other victims female?

And were there other examples of theft from his patients/victims?

Moreover, the original police investigation may point to the whole 'Doctor-as-appointed-emissary-on-earth syndrome' or as you pointed out, since he was a 'popular and beloved local physician' perhaps the police were loath to charge him, much easier if not better to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Lastly, I found this and it appears that he could fit into at least three of the four categories of a serial killer :

The four main types of serial killers based by the type of crime they commit are as follows: thrill seekers, mission-oriented, visionary killers, and power/control seekers.Dec 11, 2011

What are the Different Types of Serial Killers? - Psychology of › what-is-the-profile-of-a-serial-killer-1

Thanks, very interesting read.

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