Hello Christine,

Sorry I didn’t for some reason see your request until yesterday.

My take is that just because a POC or LGBTQ person lodges a complaint, anyone questioning said complaint is not necessarily racist or transphobic or automatically guilty of ‘blaming the victim’.

But that is what is happening.

It is no longer a need for dialogue but a demand for diatribe where ‘feelings’ matter more than empirical data and common sense, let alone listening to a speaker whose opinion or ideas may differ. And then demanding ‘safe rooms’ and security dogs because this speaker is actually on campus.

By placing the supposed victim on the hallowed space above the SJW Woke altar, attempts to suggest that ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and that ‘due process’ is imperative and that historical contextualization is important, are seen as evidence of apostasy.

It’s tantamount to claiming that critical thinking makes one fragile or privileged.

For instance: I was both an English teacher and a high school counsellor for 38 years. And was honoured by many of my students ‘coming out’ to me: especially during the AIDS epidemic.

So, I looked into the rapid increase of diagnoses of gender dysphoria and the use of puberty inhibiting drugs, and whether or not children in a naturally fluid time of normal sexual identity development really know enough to make a decision which has in some cases irreparable if not dangerous consequences.

(One of the few countries to publish their data is Sweden, where the increase in diagnoses and treatments, between 2010 and 2018, was 400% for boys and 1,200% for girls: enough for the Swedish government to worry about what they called ‘the social contagion’ effect especially among girls ages 13–18 many of who also had some psychological comorbidities.)

The defense of inclusivity, which is of course laudable and necessary, does mean outing a person as transphobic if they question the ‘science’ behind granting 13 year old children the right to such drugs: especially when science tells us that the human brain is not fully developed until age 25.

And that’s not even getting into what happens to the pubescent brain where cause and effect dissipates during the 2.5 billion neurological pathways disconnect and reconnect.

And many in the Trans movement think it's okay to give children a drug originally created to help perimenopausal women deal with endometriosis, or to be given to prison pedophiles as a form of chemical castration.

I am not making this up.

Then this recently came out: “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved puberty blockers for children who start puberty at a young age.” (Meaning younger than 13.)

So, we surrender our common sense in order to virtue signal? In order to not offend? In order to not be ‘outed’ through public media and potentially lose one’s career or job?

And really, who does not want a better society, where the disenfranchised, the vast majority of whom are mostly the poor — who are the poor because of staggering levels of income inequality — have a voice?

However, the desire for inclusivity should not mean parking one’s critical thinking skills on the curb of the damned, who are first identified by the colour of their skin and gender — be they a Karen or white or shudder male — and not by the cogency of their concerns.

So I go with Dr. Martin Brokenleg, a Lakota Elder who opined, “That in order for an adolescent to transition to adulthood, he or she or they, should be able to both give and receive an apology. Should be able to both give and receive a compliment and lastly, that work should be love made visible.”

Giving an apology. That means taking accountability and not just blaming everyone else.

Receiving an apology means recognizing the offending party as being human. Of course, not all apologies are sincere. But you get my point.

But how can one apologize or atone if one is banished or silenced…forever…or even worse, that the ‘oppressors’ are not given the courtesy of recognizing that they have grown since their transgressions…often committed when minors!

Human beings for the most part are on a continuum…I am not the same immature person/dolt I was at 16 or 18 or even 30…I still shake my head at some of the decisions I made back then.

Therefore, how onerous to posit that the supposed victim, a human being, is perfect and beyond making mistakes and is therefore an omnipotent being who must always be believed.

However, I would be remiss in not recognizing that monsters like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein exist and needed to be #MeToo stopped. And that there are more like them operating with impunity, some of them targeting LGBTQ people, or women or oppressing POC …evening executing them on the streets.

But how to stop them and others of their sorry ilk is just as important as how they are stopped: the process is the prize.

Much of the 4th wave Feminism and the Trans movement and cancel culture comes across as being more about the bonding catharsis through mob mentality, through wholesale condemnation and through the points earned by outing villains and virtue signalling, than it is about creating a more egalitarian society.

In some cases that means it’s de rigueur to condemn others for sins they or their ancestors committed decades even centuries ago, without a care about how history should always be viewed through the lens of context or how far we have come as a society.

For instance, why not praise the 60,000 plus white people who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. on his ‘March for Jobs and Freedom’ in 1963?

Why did they do so? Many marched on the outside of the 440,000 black protestors because those white people knew that the police might beat their black brothers and sisters.

Lamentably, what often bonds a people together is a common enemy and that often means one can’t praise anyone white or cis-gendered, for they are all closet racists and/or transphobics who therefore bear the almost Biblical mark/stain of Cain.

But why create more enemies through labelling? Why use a questionable ‘Critical Race Theory’ to inculcate shame in Elementary School children because they were born white?

Why create more and more labels to better differentiate then divide people?

Why use the very methodologies of their past and present oppressors: have they no sense of irony?

Lastly, sorry for going on so much.

Besides their almost religious nature, many of these ‘movements’ are counter-intuitive.

Shaming and blaming and demanding obedience if not obeisance with almost Puritanical revelry, in perpetuity, is one sure way to drive more and more people into right wing political movements: ergo, Trump’s 74 million votes.

And that would surely be ironic, wouldn’t it?

Witness the recent Republican talking points regarding cancel culture, why give them more ammunition to better deflect attention away from their current state-level voter suppression acts?

So, it’s not a stretch to suggest that these ‘movements’ need to take more than a heaping page from Brokenleg, and show that their ‘work is love made visible.’

Thanks for asking.

And I hope I was more clear than in my poem.

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